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Sephirothic Tree Akihabara: Unleash Your Otaku Fashion Diva

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Mingle with talents and edgy otaku fashion

INDOR Akihabara is not the only shop in town catering to the fashion conscious otaku. Offering limited edition anime collaboration along with many other stylish products, Sephirothic Tree Akihabara is a unique store because of its close connection to Japanese subculture and entertainment industry. Many employees at the shop work in show business as well, so you have a high chance of meeting talents in person. Sephirothic Tree Akihabara also has their own line of called “backside of Tokyo” specializes in clothing collaborations with popular anime.

The Around Akiba team visited Sephirothic Tree Akihabara to showcase this special store.

Sneak Peek into Sephirothic Tree Akihabara

At first glance, Sephirothic Tree Akihabara might look like your average clothing store. But, if you look closely, their selection as a particular otaku twist.


These might look like your average Converse. But, they are really limited edition collaboration Converse. The far right and middle shoes are One Piece Converse while the far left is an Ultraman shoe.


Since it is limited edition, you can’t find these shoes just anywhere.


This store also has T-shirts based on popular anime. Stylish and discreet, this shirt is a Steins; Gate t-shirt.


Move over Harajuku, this store is making a splash with these hip hoodies.


Sephirothic Tree Akihabara has a wide variety of t-shirts in multiple sizes. Whether you need an S size or LL, this store has your back and can cover it.


As mentioned before, many employees at the store also work in Japanese show business. Minori Ito is one such staff member. Ready to help you with your purchases, Minori also works as a stage actress when she isn’t here.


Can you tell what anime this shirt is based on?

Where to find Sephirothic Tree Akihabara

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