Rich history makes for rich flavor, as Bengal India Currie proves!  In business for over 40 years, Bengal has become a proud pillar of Akihabara due to its popular curry dishes.


Outside Bengal – Patios and pleasantries

Located in the back alleys of Akihabara, you won’t find Bengal unless you look for it.  Luckily it has a very distinctive awning with its name on it, so you shouldn’t miss it once you’re in the general area.  The nice patio is also quite popular in the warmer months, especially as Akiba makes for great people watching!

  • Bengal Curry Akihabara exterior


Inside Bengal – Cozy while classy

The inside of the restaurant has a very warm atmosphere and the restaurant has a total capacity of 22 seats.  As there are both tables and a bar, you’ll definitely find a place you find comfortable.  If you come for lunch on a weekday, smoking is allowed, but otherwise it is prohibited.

There are a wide variety of herbs and spices for use and also sale so you can season your curry dish just how you like it.  I find most Japanese people have a much blander palette than I do, so I was happy to see the wide range of hot spices from chili powder all the way up to the Jolokia ghost pepper available to add to my curry.

  • Bengal Curry Akihabara interior
  • Bengal Curry Akihabara counter
  • Bengal Curry Akihabara spices
  • Bengal Curry Akihabara staff


Menus – Choose your own adventure

Bengal also has English menus available, so don’t worry even if you feel your Japanese isn’t up to snuff.  The staff is also used to many different visitors, so they’ll make sure to take care of you right.  Beef curry is obviously the main item on the menu, but in addition to the other variations of vegetable, chicken, pork, and shrimp curry with rice or nan bread there is also potato salad, grilled chicken, potato wedges, and chorizo sausages and more.


Flavor – Have it your way

If you’re into craft beers, try the Akihabara beer, available only in here in Akiba.

I ordered the recommended thick cut beef curry.  As I mentioned earlier, I prefer a little more spice than the typical Japanese, so I found the plain curry to be really similar to a hearty beef stew over rice.  Luckily the wide variety of spices helped me put a little more oomph into it and I ended up really enjoying it.  The beef is a good sized chunk, however I found it to have a little more fat to it than I’d like, once again a difference between eastern and western palettes, but not so much that it spoiled it.  Due to the cooking process it was very tender and juicy giving it a flavor that calls you back for more.  The potato was also very hearty, but I would’ve prefered it cut into smaller pieces and spread around more, which may have helped it become a little softer.  Overall I really enjoyed the curry and would eat it again.  Give it a try the next time you’re hungry in Akihabara!

  • Bengal Curry Akihabara


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