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Revolutionary Girl Utena Pop-Up Shop Comes to Ikebukuro!

Train stations throughout Japan are often known for hosting a variety of lively events and shops, especially revolving around seasons, franchises, or events. This...



Style & Grace – Gyuho-San Figure Review from Daikikougyou!

From Daikikougyou comes a new 1/6th scale figure, an original character from master sculptor Otoyama Houjun (乙山法純)! The figure, named Gyuho-san, features a stunning woman...


Apex Legends Gets Collaboration Events in October!

Apex Legends, the hugely successful battle royale shooter, has grown incredibly popular in the world in competitive gaming. With an even bigger fanbase now...

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We Met Famous Cosplayers at COMIKET 100!

Comiket is known around the world as being the largest doujinshi (self-published comic) convention there is, so it's no surprise that fans gather from...

Holo Live V-Tuber Group Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Cake!

Holo Live, the group behind many well-known V-Tuber (Virtual YouTuber) idols, celebrates it's 5th anniversary with collaborative cakes from Cake.jp! With V-Tubers and V-Tuber culture...

FechiFest 2022: Japan’s Craziest Fetish Event

From the most tame to the outright outlandish, everybody has something that gets them excited. While often kept for more intimate moments, it's fun...

Meet Lala Kudo — Japan’s Youngest Looking Pornstar!

We had the chance to sit down and talk with Lala Kudo, Japan’s youngest looking AV idol, while shooting gravure content in Tokyo! https://youtu.be/ASTMNr9aI54 While guesses...

Interviewing Cosplayers at COSHOLIC 25! [PART 1]

We visited Cosholic, Tokyo's very own bi-annual ecchi cosplay convention, for it's 25th showcase! Through the flashy outfits and sea of photobooks, we stopped...


Love Live! Collaboration Coming to Tokyo Bay Night Cruises!

For two days only, Japanese cruise company Tokaikisen is hosting a collaboration event with Love Live! Superstar!. The event will focus specifically on the Tokyo Bay...

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