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Find Japanese Talents with Japan Creator Bank

Find Japanese Talents with Japan Creator Bank Japan's overseas reputation has been immensely influenced by popular culture ever since reinventing the countries image throughout the...



Disciplinary Committee School Girl Figurine

Meet the head of the uniform disciplinary committee Kazama Kinoko! Find her here: >>https://bit.ly/3aADBV6<< Based off of an original illustration by POPQN, this figurine has been brought...

Sakura Natsuki the Selfie Master Figure Review

We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review! This time's figure is Sakura Natsuki an original design by Oryo sensei! Find her here: https://bit.ly/31idBsI Check...

Female Chief Kishi Mieko Beach Version Figure Review

We visited the office of Daikikogyou again for another figurine review! This time we have Female Chief Kishi Mieko (beach version)! Be sure to check...


Nintendo announces Game Builder for Switch

Nintendo announces Game Builder Software for Switch Last November Nintendo announced a new game for Switch and today released the trailer for their new project...

Resident Evil 8 Launch

Resident Evil 8 Launch The latest Resident Evil game celebrates its release today. Named Resident Evil "Village", the launch of part 8 of the famous...

#Animebound – Undercover nerdy Merch at Super Groupies

#Animebound - Undercover nerdy Merch at Super Groupies Most fans of Anime, Manga, Games and Co. carry the title Nerd with some sort of pride....

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Yonezu Kenshi x ARASHI Collab Song to Debut at Kohaku Uta Gassen

Vocaloid musician turned national star Yonezu Kenshi and J-pop royalty ARASHI have been working on a collaboration song titled, "KITE" as the NHK 2020...

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Iconic Ultraman Monsters turned into Cute Girls at Akihabara Gamers!

Throughout the years Ultraman has fought and defeated an incredible number of kaiju.  Many of these monsters are quite iconic and unique, and fans of...

Pokken Location Test this Weekend in Akihabara!

You should've heard about the incredible crossover of Pokemon and Tekken by now, and the good news is that this weekend, the 7th and 8th...

Kantai Collection Collaborations Continue! (Ahhyeah, alliteration.)

Recently we reported on Kantai Collection's team-up with Pizza Hut, and now we have two more collaborations for you!  This time the cute battleship...

Giant cardboad figure prize in Akiba!

There's a new prize at the game centers of Akihabara and it's pretty awesome!   This awesome guy stands almost 1 foot (~30cm) tall and has...

Learn to fly a drone in Akiba!

Info about drones has been popping up around the internet more and more these days, often with gorgeous visuals.  But if you're like me,...

5pb.Festival Highlights!

Last Sunday was the 5pb.Festival!  Chock full of new games, art displays, experiences and more, it was an awesome time for everyone who attended! There...

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