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Yasutaka Tsutsui’s Wealthy Detective Novel Gets TV Anime

Yasutaka Tsutsui's best-selling novel, Wealthy Detective is receiving a TV anime adaptation, premiering in April 2020 titled, Wealthy Detective Balance:UNLIMITED. The first visuals from the...



Toratish na Shojo – Tigergirl Figurine from Toranoana

We visited a studio near the office of Daikikogyou for a special figurine review of a tiger-like girl, based on a character from Toranoana. Toratish...

Suzunari Flower Garden Project Misaki Shie ”Summer grass” by Daikikougyou Hitonatsu & Tokunatsu

We visited the office of Daikikogyou for figurine reviews of two new color variations of one of Daikikougyous best selling figurines! Suzunari Flower Garden Project...

Godzilla Theme Park Opens in Japan

Going Inside the Largest Godzilla in the World On Awaji Island a Godzilla theme park is now open for business. It features a massive Godzilla...


Nintendo Reveals New Trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses console game due to release on July 26th. The new trailer introduces the...

Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer, Release Date, Plus More!

Square Enix dropped a huge deal of news at the E3 press conference today, including a new game trailer for the Final Fantasy VII...

New Trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake now Streaming!

Ever since Square Enix announced they were remaking the cult classic Final Fantasy VII, everyone and their mothers have been waiting for new trailers...

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Yonezu Kenshi x ARASHI Collab Song to Debut at Kohaku Uta Gassen

Vocaloid musician turned national star Yonezu Kenshi and J-pop royalty ARASHI have been working on a collaboration song titled, "KITE" as the NHK 2020...

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New Omuraisu Restaurant – Kanda Tamagoken – Has Opened!

A new restaurant called Kanda Tamagoken has opened up!  Known for it's delicious omelettes over plump Japanese rice, try not to drool too much...

Fate/stay night Display Ongoing!

The Tokyo Anime Center currently has a display running for Fate/stay night !  Full of huge prints, rough sketches, and everything in-between, the free...

Kantai Collection x Pizza Hut Tricks Out Kanda Branch

A little while ago we wrote about how Kantai Collection and Pizza Hut were teaming up, and now it's in full swing.  The best...

Anime Plaza Opens 3/7!!

A new multi-use building called Anime Plaza will be opening on March 7th!  It will consist of 4 floors and be located right next...

What Happens When Girls and Tanks Get Together

Girls und Panzer has one of my favorite premises for an anime ever.  There is a high school.  They have after-school clubs.  One of...

100,000 Slimes Appear in Shinjuku!

To commemorate and market the launch of the new Dragon Quest Heroes game for PS4, two walls between the East and West exits in...

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