i don’t need no man in my life..the only man i need is the MAN in woMAN

i got a new phone, but i’m not transferring my old data to it..this is a sin free phone. i’m not gonna sin on this phone

Where did quotes from? A twitter bot? A social media savvy teen? A meme?

Maybe all of the above. The above quotes are from Sally Amaki from 22/7 (read as Nanabun no Nijuni), a new 21 member virtual idol project created by AKB48 Producer Yasushi Akimoto, Aniplex, and Sony Music Records. As part of the group’s publicity campaign, Sally Amaki hosts a livestream on SHOWROOM, and it is here she has attracted international attention.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Sally’s first language is actually English.

Sally gained notoriety after twitter used @nise_shi posted a compilation video of #relatable moments from her SHOWROOM live streams.

Being from Los Angeles, Sally can talk about uniquely American topics such, as Japan’s lack of Girl Scout Cookies and Chipotle.

Fans have even created a twitter dedicated to posting her quote-worthy content.

Sally is an idol not only Americans can relate to, but fans all over the world. When tuning into her streams, viewers can expect humorous content like cooking failures and her teaching other members how to dab.

But Sally is also here for the more serious issues, often speaking out about her sexuality.

22/7 mixes the 2D with the 3D and members live stream every day onto  The schedules of each day’s stream are announced the day before on the group’s official twitter.

The group recently released their first single, “Boku wa Sonzai Shiteinakatta, on September 20 and it is available on iTunes worldwide.

The official music video can be found on 22/7’s Youtube Channel.

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