“Shaman King” comes back! A 20th anniversary website for Hiroyuki Takei’s enduring manga series just opened, also announcing that a new chapter will begin this spring.

“Shaman King” is a battle manga about fights between shamans. It began its serialization of 6 years since 1998 and has been adopted into a TV anime series on TV Tokyo since 2001.

Takei left a message on the website above: “‘Shaman King’ will have its 20th anniversary this year. I appreciate the support from al readers who helped launch various projects in this monumental year. Nothing makes me happier. Thank you. I will work hard to make sure this work will be brought to the next generation of readers, so I look forward to your continued support.”

“Shaman King” will be published from KC Complete imprint from Kodansha in its entirety as 35 volumes. All covers will be newly drawn.