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Takatsuki Akiko -Midareta Tanaoroshi- by Daikikougyou

Together with sexy Japanese cosplayer Tomo Kuon @kuon_0118 we visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review!
The name of the figure is Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~.

Check out our video here for a detailed review!

Popular Japanese mangaka Ojo (おじょ) Sensei illustrated Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~. Toshiro (唐詩郎) Sensei made the sculpture and  Wakimekanomatsu (わきメカのまつ) Sensei was in charge of the coloring.

Daikikougyou also made an article about the production of our video in Japanese. Please check it out here.

Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこTakatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~ is a supermarket clerk who is in charge of filling the shelves with new products. She is married and has two kids but her daily life is mostly boring.

Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこHer boss has a liking for her and asks her to wear a bikini for work. As she does as he pleases he furthermore demands her to get undressed.
This is the scene which was captured with this figurine of Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~ by Daikikougyou.
Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこThis figurine can be displayed in multiple variations. The first of which is Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~ fully dressed wearing her purple sweater, her blue apron, her gold bikini as well as her green hair towel. Her nametag sais “Takatsuki”
Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこA view from behind on Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~ fully dressed

Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこThe second version is her only wearing her bikini.
Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこA view on her behind. You can see that she already released her bikini on the back. So sexy! A perfect capture of the moment!
Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこHer facial expression is one of her greatest charm points. She looks embarrassed but at the same point, she seems to enjoy it!
Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこ Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこ

Tomo Kuon as Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~

Tomo Kuon 紅音とも Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこJapanese sexy cosplayer Tomo Kuon @kuon_0118 joined us for the shooting. She was cosplaying as Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~ in her bikini version!
Tomo Kuon 紅音とも Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこ Tomo Kuon 紅音とも Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこThey look very beautiful together, don’t they!

Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこThe third version you can displayer Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~ in is taking off her bikini while keeping on the apron and sweater.
Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこ Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこLast but not least, completely undressing her! That way her purple hairband and green hair towel stand out especially.

Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこ Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこWe used purple stars to cover up the sensitive parts in our YouTube video.

Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこBeautiful, sexy, kawaii! Let’s enjoy the rest of the show!

Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこ Akiko Takatsuki Daikikougyou 高槻あきこ

She is now available for pre-order until June 2019 and on sale in October 2019!

© おじょ
Illustrated by Ojo (おじょ)
Sculptured by Toshiro (唐詩郎)
Coloring by Wakimekanomatsu (わきメカのまつ)

Takatsuki Akiko ~淫れた棚卸し~ by Daikikougyou

Find the figure on amiami >><<

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