On April 13th a new Shoyu-tonkotsu ramen shop “Ittoya”, opened in Akihabara. Ittoya is located on Akihabara 1 gou, the place where Chikara Meshi shop use to be.


To celebrate the opening, Ittoya is running specials deals like free toppings, free big size and free seconds. “How may I partake in the ramenlious deal?” you ask. Well its easy, all you need to do is go to the shop and show an Ittoya flyer.


Plus, Ittoya offers all you can eat rice for everyone who orders ramen. If this is your first time To Ittoya I suggest you to try the delicious “Ittoya-mori Ramen”. With the “Ittoya-mori Ramen” you get 5 pieces of seaweeds, fresh chive and spinach, 1 egg, and two thick slices of savory pork all f or only 970 yen.



Just looking at the nummy ramen makes me feel all giddy inside, and I suddenly have to urge to start doing the happy dance. When you order ramen at Ittoya you can also decided the harness of the noodles, the amount of oil in the soup and the soup’s thickness, allowing you to make you original ramen.


For more information and pics: http://www.kk1up.jp/archives/m13189.html

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