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While Akihabara is very famous for being a Ramen mecca, it is also home to a huge variety of curry shops which are equally enjoyable.
In this article, we at Around Akiba would like to introduce to you one of our favorites.

Curry No Shimin Aruba in Akihabara

This shop is located on a side street off of Chuo Dori (Akiba’s main street), near the famous Mandarake shop.
It takes about 5 minutes to walk from JR Akihabara Station’s Electric Town Exit to this curry restaurant.

Inside “Curry No Shimin Aruba”. The spacious interior and wood-panel finishes conjure up images of an era long past.


What makes the curry at “Curry No Shimin Aruba” so special?

Curry with Katsu (a breaded pork cutlet). The normal size costs about 800 Yen.
The curry itself is very thick, with a deep, rich taste. Just delicious!

This shop’s curry is called “Kanazawa curry”. It originated in Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan.
This “Kanazawa style” curry is served on a stainless steel plate with cabbage and pork meat.

Unlimited free sides of cabbage complement the curry’s flavor perfectly

You can also add as many “Fukujinzuke” (sliced vegetables pickled in soy sauce) as you like!

If you are curry fan, definitely check out this place next time you’re in Akihabara!

How to find Curry No Shimin Aruba

Business hours: 11:00 am-21:00 pm

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