MegaHouse’s “Variable Action Heroes DX – Fate/Apocrypha Ruler” is set to release in late September 2018.

Since you clicked on this article, you probably have eyes on this gorgeous character from Fate/Apocrypha. Ruler, the standard-bearer who correctly guides the Holy Grail War, will set her feet to our world in the form of an action figure! She will be released in MegaHouse‘s large action figure series “Variable Action Heroes DX” with a scale of 1/8 and is currently ready for reservations.

The build quality is very good. All the joints on her body are made movable so that you could do most poses as portrayed in the anime. Besides, the shape and color of the armor and the Noble Phantasm are of high quality too. This makes the action figure on par with the ones usually put on display. Her Noble Phantasm “My god is here (Luminosité Eternelle)” is made up of an article which has a piece of wire inside it, which enables the fluttering motion of the Noble Phantasm.


There are 6 different facial expressions that you can choose from including shouting, smiling, and embarrassed.

“Variable Action Heroes DX – Fate/Apocrypha Ruler” is scheduled to release in late September 2018 with price ¥17,064 (tax included).

Source: Nandaka Omoshiroi



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