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From May 10th (Thu) to 13th (Sun) 2018, there will be held a big event called “The 57th Shizuoka Hobby Show” in Twin Messe, Shizuoka. It’s an event mainly about models (as in figurines) display. In this particular article, we would like to talk more about the biggest hit that everyone is talking about, Figure-riseLABO Hoshino Fumina.


Bandai stated in their booth that,

Figure-riseLABO Hoshino Fumina is neither a figurine nor a plastic model.

It’s because of the sensation of the skin. They claimed that they have gone through a thorough research to reproduce such realistic skin sensation. I’ve never touched it though, so I don’t really know how it really feels. But whatever. The point is, this girl is on the gossip because of her skin.

It will be available for purchase on June 2018 for ¥5940 (tax inc). You can check here for more details.


Source: Nandaka Omoshiroi



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