On June 28th, the rental café “Seventh Heaven” in Akihabara turned into a swimsuit themed café for only one day. All reservations were booked before the event started, making it a great success. Before the place opened, there was already quite a long line of fans of the cosplayers and swimsuits admirers.


This is the third year in a row of the “Swimsuit café” event. The theme for this year was sporty swimwear and school swimsuits. The swimsuit clad cosplayers were the main focus of the event, for obvious reasons.


There are a few reasons why a swimsuit café would be popular. But most likely the number one reason is the fact that you could take as many pictures as you like. In regular Maid Cafés and other events you have to pay in order to take a picture with a maid. And usually there are many rules that restrict the amount of pictures you can take. But in this event visitors were even encouraged to feel free and take pictures to their heart’s content.



The café itself was quite superb. There were rare swimsuits on display. And the souvenir shop offered merchandise such as swimsuits and photo albums of the cosplayers. The cosplayers themselves also served the customers. According to a twit of one of the cosplayers, Miss Botan, the next swimsuit café event might be held after the Comiket in August.






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