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Limited Hatsune Miku Mikkuriman Chocolate 2 is Out!

There's a chocolate-filled wafer cookie sandwich called Bikkuriman in Japan that has been around for a long time.  But more than the delicious treat,...

Killing Bites Manga Release and Cosplay!

The newest edition of popular manga Killing Bites was released on the 5th and a PR event with cosplayers Yuriko Tiger (ユリコタイガー) and Kanzaki...

Gundam Gashapon 30th Anniversary!

The new Gundam gashapon toys, Gashapon Senshi DASH, have been announced and release in June of this year for ¥300 each! For those that don't...

Fate/stay night Display Ongoing!

The Tokyo Anime Center currently has a display running for Fate/stay night !  Full of huge prints, rough sketches, and everything in-between, the free...

What Happens When Girls and Tanks Get Together

Girls und Panzer has one of my favorite premises for an anime ever.  There is a high school.  They have after-school clubs.  One of...

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