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Top 10 Chillout Anime

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If you’ve had a rough week, you might find yourself looking for a show where the stakes are a little lower. The following anime are as chill as they come so just relax, grab yourself a hot drink and a duvet, and sink into them. 


A professional calligrapher moves to the country to clear his head. Here, he meets a 7-year old named Naru, and the two become friends. This show is the Animal Crossing of anime: there’s bugs, friendly locals, and lots of exploring. 


Four high school girls decide to start a band. The themes are light and fluffy, but there are some songs in here that will loop in your head for weeks. If you like it, there’s a second season and a movie to keep you going. 


A mystery show with a twist: Hyouka is about solving everyday mysteries like “Who locked that door?” and “How did this movie end?”. Slow moving yet engrossing, this is a must-watch. 

So Ra No Wo To

Although this is technically a military anime, the main characters are all musicians. For the most part, it’s a quiet reflection on what music means to us, and its impact in desperate times. Plus, cute girls. 

Aria the Animation


In a futuristic, Venice-like city, gondolas are the main method of transportation. Aria the Animation follows a gondolier as she goes about her business and meets people, each with their own story. With beautiful artwork and no stakes, this is a chillout classic. 


A man travels the countryside helping people deal with mushi – supernatural beings. This isn’t an action show; most of the resolutions involve talking, and since the main character is pretty laidback, it’s perfect for throwing on in the background. 

Spice and Wolf


Not going to lie, this show is about economics. And there’s a fox goddess. That said, there’s something relaxing about seeing the main characters slowly accumulate profit from buying and selling nails (and favors) in various towns.

Silver Spoon


This show follows students preparing for life on a farm. It’s funny, laidback, and even informative (do you know how chickens make eggs?). You’ll come to know and care about each member of the cast, and seeing them succeed makes this show worth a watch. 

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour


This series follows the stories of several people living at the Kawaii Complex boarding house. It’s heart-warming and genuine, with truly believable, flawed characters. Although there’s no real plot, it never gets boring. 

Usagi Drop

After his grandfather dies, leaving behind an illegitimate child, 30-year old Daikichi takes her in. He realizes that looking after a young child isn’t easy, but both parties learn a lot from the experience. This show is sad at times, but you’ll find yourself rooting for the main character from beginning to end.

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Ian Garland

Just an ordinary guy who woke up one day in the magical world of anime reviews. Check them out... or don't, i-it's not like he likes you or anything...

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