Otaku Summit Hobby Stock: Selling Limited Editions

With all the cool events constantly going on at Akihabara, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t make it to every event, get every figure or play every game, because there’s really not enough hours in a day.

The people who weren’t able to make it to Comiket Special 6 Otaku Summit last month; there’s no need to fret, Comiket’s got you covered. Tons of cool otaku related merchandise, can now be purchased on Comiket’s Hobby Stock online store. On Hobby Stock you can find limited edition merchandise that was only sold at Otaku Summit. So if you were drinking your sorrows away with a neat glass of Calipis because you weren’t able get the limited edition of B2 size, the Testament of Sister New Devil tapestry, or even a Encouragement of Climb micro fiber towel, dry you tears because now you can.







Isn’t it great how things always work out?  The items on Hobby Stock are limited edition and are quick to sell out, so you might want to put some pep in your step if you have your eyes on something.

Hobby Stock website: http://www.hobbystock.jp/sp/cmsp6/

For more info and pics please check out: http://www.akiba-plus.com/?p=22234

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