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Anime Japan 2019 is currently taking place in Tokyo, which means there will be many announcements coming our way from multiple studios. One of the most talked news is that hit manga and TV anime series, My Hero Academia, will be getting a 2nd anime film released this winter!

Mangaka Horikoshi Kohei will be supervising the film and handling all original character designs, as he did with the previous film, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Take a look at the announcement video in the banner above!


Horikoshi Kohei’s My Hero Academia manga began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump on July 14, 2014, with an anime adaptation that began in April of 2016. The manga currently has been collected into 20 tankobon volumes, while the anime has had three season aired so far with a fourth one to be airing this fall.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is the first original movie of the series that premiered first at Anime Expo 2018 on July 5, 2018, with a Japan-wide theatrical release the following August. During the opening weekend, the film ranked 4th at the Japanese box office, grossing 500 million yen ($4.49 million USD) during the first three days.


Original source: My Hero Academia Movie Official Twitter


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