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How can this anime be a horror?

Matsuzaka Satou

Happy Sugar Life will be broadcasted for the first time in Japan this July. Images of the main character, Matsuzaka Satou are released to the public as teasers. There are scenes where:

  1. she points out her forefinger to her mouth which implies her keeping something a secret. HS01_021_t3_0001
  2. She wears a pair of bear ears and makes a heart shape with her hands. HS01_037A_t2_0001
  3. She blushes inside her bathtub. HS01_062_t2_0001
  4. She narrows her eyes with a love expression. HS01_048_t2_0002

About the theme song


The title of the Opening theme song is “One Room Sugar Life” who is sung by Nana Oakari. The song is to be included in the major first volume single CD and will be available for purchase starting August 22nd.

While I was writing the song, I realized that the lyrics convey the story about two people and I thought, maybe this is also a story about me who started singing in a small world (One Room), and about you who have found me along the way.

Nana Oakari stated how she felt. She also commented that she wants people to hear this on those tough days when you feel like you’re losing yourself, and those days when you can’t even understand your own thought. That’s why she set the title as “One Room Sugar Life”.

A little bit about “Happy Sugar Life”

“If it’s to protect this feeling, everything is permitted.”

“If it’s love, everything is okay, right?”

“Be it deceit or crime. Be it robbery or massacre.”

Her love, is sweet yet painful. There is someone that Matsuzaka Satou likes. Everytime they have any sort of physical contact, she felt so sweet. “This must have been love”, she thought. She would do anything to protect this love. Anything. Even if she has to rob, deceive or even kill someone. Sweet like a sugar cube, but bitter like a sorrow love. This is a brand new horror anime.

Anime Teaser



Source: Nandaka Omoshiroi



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