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FGO TVCM Summary

If you don’t know what’s happening, all 8 TVCM classes of “Fate/Grand Order (FGO)” are released for 4 consecutive weeks. And the 4th week’s servants have been released! Since all four weeks’ servants are out, let’s have a look at each week’s servants. By the way, you can click the images to see their corresponding videos!

Week 1:

Saber and Rider were announced on the first week of FGO TVCM. Saber’s illustration is made by “hou” and is voiced by Mori Nanako. On the other hand, Rider’s illustration is made by Ginga and is voiced by Masuda Toshiki.

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Illustration: hou, Voice: Mori Nanako
Image result for fgo tvcm rider illustration
Illustration: Ginga, Voice: Masuda Toshiki

Week 2:

On the second week, Lancer and Alter Ego were announced. Lancer’s illustration is made by Azusa (who was in charge of Gilles de Rais and Hercules) and is voiced by Komatsu Mikako. As for Alter Ego, the illustration is made by Koichi Furui (who was in charge of Yagyu Munenori) and the voice actor is Morikawa Toshiyuki.

Image result for fgo tvcm lancer illustration
Illustration: Azusa, Voice: Komatsu Mikako
Image result for fgo tvcm alter ego illustration
Illustration: Koichi Furui, Voice: Morikawa Toshiyuki

Week 3:

On the third week of the CM, servants announced were Archer and Caster. The one who is in charge of Archer’s illustration is Ryota-H (who is also handling Yama no Okie’s illustration), while the voice is done by Hino Satoshi who is apparently the same person who voiced Overlord’s main character, Ainz. On the other hand, Caster’s illustration is made by Koyama Hirokazu and is voiced by Noto Mamiko.

Image result for fgo tvcm archer illustration
Illustration: Ryota-H, Voice: Hino Satoshi
Image result for fgo tvcm caster illustration
Illustration: Koyama Hirokazu, Voice: Noto Mamiko

Week 4:

Lastly, on week 4, we have a new Berserker and Assassin. Berserker is illustrated by “pako” and is voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga. As for Assassin, the illustration is made by Wada Arco and the voice actress is Saito Chiwa.

Illustration: pako, Voice: Shimazaki Nobunaga
Illustration: Wada Arco, Voice: Saito Chiwa


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