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Creative Frontier announced its cryptocurrency “Anicoin” token sale to be held on February. Identified by its symbol ANC, Anicoin tokens will be sold too fund content production.

Creative Frontier intends to resolve the meager disparity of profit distribution among creators and animators through an ICO: “This ICO will create a new system for content production and creator support.”

In its white paper, the ICO will support development of titles “Idol Connect -AsteriskLive-” and “Indoor with Diva”. “Idol Connect” is announced as a game for the smartphone, planned to be later turned into a novel game for the phone and the PC. “Indoor with Diva” is based on the concepts combining “Musical Girls” “Self-producing Shut-ins” and “Video Streamer Success Story”.

Also in plans for business expansions are anime production, game distribution, goods distribution, live event hosting, and managing virtual YouTubers.

Translated from Nandaka Omoshiroi